100W MH Square Bollard Flat Top Type 5 Glass Refractor


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Lamp Type:
Matal Halide
Flat Top Glass Refractor
120-277 Universal

Jemm Lighting

  • Jemm Lighting BS5M100QT is a 100 Watt Metal Halide Bollard, suitable for residential and commercial pathways, walkways, entrances and landscapes.
  • Use anywhere path lighting is required.
  • Energy efficient and long life Pulse Start Metal Halide technology.
  • Metal Halide lamps provide white light and offer good color rendition.
  • Extruded aluminum housing with a flat top, Type 5 glass refractor and a flush mounting base.
  • Finished with fade resistant and long lasting textured polyester powder coat in Black, Bronze or White finishes.
  • Clear polycarbonate lens.
  • Removable ballast tray for easy maintenance.
  • Porcelain 4KV pulse rated socket .
  • Lamp is included.
  • Base mounting kit includes a bracket and three 8" anchor bolts.
  • Mounting Kits with longer anchor bolts of 4", 12" or 15" are available.
  • Quad Tap High Power Factor (HPF) Pulse Start ballast with capacitor.
  • CSA Listed - for Wet Locations
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