30 Watt LED Flood Light 3,819 Lumens


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The  FFLA Series 30 Watt LED Flood Light is a high performance. The FFLA Series also comes with the option of choosing from various mounting options.

  • IP Rating: Ingress Protection rating of IP65 for dust and water
  • Ambient Temperature: Suitable for up to 113° F (45° C) ambient temperature
  • Cold Weather Starting: The minimum starting temperature is -4° F (-20° C) Thermal Management: Superior thermal management with external Air-Flow fins.
  • Housing: Aluminum + PC + Steel Mounting
  • Mount: comes with Knuckle Mount, Trunnion Mount (for 30W and 50W only) (optional) Flood Mount (for 30W and 50W only)
  • Green Technology: Mercury and UV free, and RoHS compliant. Polyester powder coat finish formulated without the use of VOC or toxic heavy metals.
  • Finish: Environmentally friendly polyester powder coating are formulated from high-durability and long-lasting color, and contains no VOC or toxic heavy metals.
  • Lifespan: 100,000-hour LED lifespan based on IES LM-80 results and TM-21 calculations. 
  • LEDs: Multi-chip, high-output, long-life LEDs
  • Color Stability: LED color temperature is warrantied to shift no more than 200K in CCT over a 5 year period. 5000 K (Daylight),
  • Color Uniformity: Paclights range of CCT follows the guidelines of the American National Standards for the Specifications for the Chromaticity of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Products, ANCI c78.377.2011
  • Color Rendering Index: >70
  • Drivers: 100-277V, 50-60 Hz Power Factor > 0.90



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