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Features and Benefits of LED Wall Packs

Posted by Last Stop Lighting on 25th Nov 2014

  • Increased light output provided by LED technology minimizes shadows to optimize illumination of more concealed or recessed areas.
  • Schools, hotels, hospitals, and any public area frequented by many people would benefit from the dependable, high-powered illumination produced by LED Wall Packs
  • LED lights burning for eight hours a day will last for about 20 years before they need replaced. This is because LEDs don't suddenly "burn out" like traditional lights. Instead, lighting diodes begin emitting reduced output levels after many years and simply burn less brightly.
  • A 100 percent recyclable, "green" form of lighting, LED Wall Packs do not contain toxic chemicals unlike fluorescent bulbs that contain mercury and other elements harmful to the environment.
  • LED Wall Packs are resistant to rough vibrations, inclement weather and a variety of external impacts, which makes them ideal for creating and sustaining all types of outdoor lighting systems.
  • LED lights produce minimal amounts of infrared light and nearly no UV emissions. This makes LED Wall Packs highly suitable for illuminating materials and goods that are heat or light sensitive (items in art galleries or museums, for example).
  • Specific LED Wall Packs such as cutoff wall packs are encased in die-cast aluminum and offer the convenience of stainless steel hinge pins and die-cast aluminum housing for extra protection from possible external damage.
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