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LED Bollard Lights Fixtures a Signpost for your Garden in Night

Posted by Last Stop Lighting on 13th Nov 2019

Anyone who has stuck on a hedge trimmer lying on the ground at least once in the dark and has pulled a leg will understand the need of Bollard Lights. This pain could have been avoided, but the question arises how? It is very simple with the help of LED bollard lights.

And because there are many places in the garden where you can stumble, you should adequately illuminate all paths, driveways, and stairs on the property. Lamps with motion sensors are efficient and energy-saving. Thanks to them, the light turns on only when it is needed. And entirely, by the way, you can spoil plans of robbers hiding in the dark.

Install in the right place

The first thing you kept in mind is the right place to install LED bollard light. It should be placed in the perfect area or spot, which can enlighten the entire length of the pathway, stairs of your garden, but especially on those sections that are particularly uneven, winding, or steep. Therefore, lamps should be placed in such a way that the spacing between them is not too large, and there is not too much contrast between light and dark places.

This is important because when we change from brightness to darkness, we first see less before the eyes get used to the new conditions. Choose bollard lights that will illuminate the largest possible surface area. The higher the lamp, the lower the requirements. In other words, the more significant the gap can be. Lighting columns are usually between 60 and 150 cm high.

15 Watt Led Round bollard Dome

Directional or diffused LED Bollard Lights?

One thing to know the directional light will only brighten the path. The rest of the garden will remain in the dark. In this way, you can optimally mark trails. In the case of diffused light, you can also see everything that is directly on the road. Also, the round zones of light overlap perfectly in this way. You can illuminate the entire surface and the pathway very well.

The bollard lights for the garden can be made of different materials and represent different styles. You can't mistake them for base lamps, garden lanterns, or recessed spots. Lighting bollards are available with integrated LED technology. So, you can also go for the LED bollard lights.

Solar technology offers more enormous benefits for the environment. For solar-powered bollard light fixtures, you also don't have to worry about plug sockets and tangled cables. All the solar lighting columns need is the sun. Thanks to LED technology, a solar-charged battery lasts many times longer. It adds long durability to the light, which can be energy savings up to 90 percent and gives you 100% brightness available immediately, which is also ideal for use with a motion sensor.


LED bollard lights are the best source to enlighten your pathways and garden with modern style and design that adds beauty to your garden and lighten your whole area. Last stop lighting offers you the best and the latest bollard light fixtures.

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