Kichler Tape Lighting FAQ's

Can the tape light be dimmed using a wall dimmer?

Yes. The tape light can be dimmed using a Magnetic Low Voltage (MLV) dimmer (not sold by Kichler) and one of Kichler's magnetic transformers (10192BK60 or 96)

Do I have to use an entire roll of tape at a time?

No, it is not necessary to use an entire roll at once. The indoor, dry location tape can be cut every 4" and then reconnected with a variety of connectors for a truly custom install. The indoor damp and outdoor tapes come in multiple lengths making it asy to fit any application.

Do I need special tools to cut the tape light?

No, the tape light can be easily cut using a standard pair of scissors.

Can all tape light be cut?

Yes, all Kichler tape light (indoor, damp, and outdoor) can be cut every 4". However, only the indoor tape light can be reused. Because of the protective coating on the damp and outdoor tapes, once they have been cut, the excess cannot be reused.

If the damp or outdoor tape light needs to be cut, will it still be moisture proof?

In order to maintain a moisture proof seal, once cut, the cut end needs to be capped with a silicone filled end cap. End caps and silicone available separately from Kichler.

Can the outdoor tape light be submersed under water?

No. The outdoor tape light is IP67 rated which means it can be subjected to direct contact with water, but it cannot be submersed under water for any length of time.

How do I know which power supply to use?

First determine the application (indoor dry, indoor damp, outdoor). Not all power supplies can be used in every application. Next calculate the total wattage of tape light that will be used. To calculate wattage, multiply the total number of feet by
the W/ft. of the tape light. Finally select a power supply that is equal to or more than the total wattage of the tape light.

How many tape lights can be connected to one power supply?

Multiple strands or sections of tape light can be connected to one power supply as long as the wattage of the power supply and maximum run length of the tape light are not exceeded.

What is a maximum run length?

The maximum run length, or max run refers to the maximum number of continuous lineal feet of tape light that can be connected together. The maximum run length for low output tape light (1.45W/ft.) is 32.8'. The maximum run length for high output tape light (4W/ft.) is 20'.

What is the difference between low output tape light and high output tape light?

The main differences between the two are the light intensity, or lumen output and the watts consumed. Kichler's low output tape light has a lumen output of 100 lm/ft. while using 1.45W/ft., while the high output tape light has a lumen output of 200 lm/ft. while using 4W/ft. The lower light levels of the low output tape light are best suited for "accent" lighting. The higher lumens levels of the high output tape light are best for "task" lighting or areas where higher light levels are needed.

Is tape light easy to install?

Yes. Kichler's tape light incorporates many installer friendly features such as plug-and-play power supply connections, plugand- play tape light connectors, and 3M brand adhesive backing. In addition to these included features, Kichler offers a large variety of additional connectors and accessories to make installations even easier. Please refer to the tape light installation instruction included with shipped product for complete installation details.

What is the warranty on Kichler® TaskWork LED Tape Light?

Kichler Lighting warrants that its Products will be free from defects in material and workmanship for five (5) years from the date of purchase by the Original Purchaser. For further warranty details, visit

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