LED Troffer 1 x 4 36 Watt 3702 Lumens Center Diffuser


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LED Troffer 1 x 4 36 Watt 3702 Lumens Center Diffuser

Construction: Rugged construction: solid die-formed, cold-rolled steel. Interior utilizes highly reflective powder coat finish. All surfaces coated and baked post-fabrication with high gloss powder-paint. Diffuser lens provides even and consistent light while eliminating pixelation. Toolless removal of diffuser allows access to LED array. LED module and driver are replaceable.

Electrical: Luminaire utilizes long life, high efficacy LEDs and a highly efficient, reliable LED driver. 120V-277V input voltage for increased versatility. 0-10V continuous dimming comes standard. Ideal when used in conjunction with controls and sensors. Comes equipped with quick disconnect for compliance with US code

Mounting: Installs recessed with T-bar grid. LED module arrays and drivers accessible from fixture during service and operation, no need to access via plenum.

Finish: Highly reflective powder coat finish. Baked white matte paint, applied after fabrication.

Optics: Volumetric effect achieved by delivering a comfortable mix of light to working and surrounding surfaces, creating balanced illumination throughout the environment. Occupants can realize a productive and comfortable atmosphere through enhanced light quality and distribution. Diffuser shape, pattern, and opacity designed in conjunction with precisely-engineered reflector cavity angles to distribute LED light consistently, reducing glare and pixelation.

Warranty: 5-year limited warranty. See complete warranty terms for details

CCT: 4000k