536 Watt LED Sports Lighter 63,972 Lumens


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The Jemm Lighting SL52COB sports field light and Architectural Flood luminaire is available in two wattages with specially designed optical systems to provide uniform light levels for sports applications and architectural highlighting. Four NEMA beam patterns provide optical distribution that is designed to replace HID lighting systems of 400W to 1500W MH or HPS. Typical sports applications include baseball, soccer, football, golf, motor vehicle tracks, tennis and outdoor recreation. Commercial flood light and accent lighting applications include retail centers, theme parks, schools and universities, public transit and airports, mid and high rise buildings and bridge structures. Mounting heights of up to 80 feet can be used based on light level and uniformity requirements.

  • Rating: 536 Watts 63,972 Lumens
  • Housing: Die Cast Aluminum Housing with Top Glare Shield, Integral Heat Sinking and Driver Compartment. Laser Aiming Bracket is Provided on the Top of the Housing. Heavy Duty Adjustable Yoke Allows for Pole Downward and Ground/Wall Upward Aiming. Nickel-Plated Stainless Steel Hardware.
  • Listing & Ratings: CSA: Listed for Wet Locations, ANSI/UL 1598, 8750; IP66 Sealed LED Compartment.
  • Finish: Textured Architectural Gray Powdercoat Finish Over a Chromate Conversion Coating. Custom Colors Available Upon Request
  • Lens: Clear One-Piece Molded ¼-Section Vandal-Resistant Polycarbonate Lenses in NEMA 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, and 5x5 Distributions. 4 Lenses Per Fixture, with Automatically Applied Closed Cell Gasketing.
  • Mounting Options: Heavy Duty Yoke Allows for Aiming Horizontally and Vertically. Locking Bolts Can Be Configured for Up or Down Aiming. Adjustment Slots are Stamped With Embossed 5 Degree Increment Marks. Fixture is Supplied With 36" Cord and Liquid Tight Connector to Allow for Installation Without Opening the Housing to Make Circuit Connections. Yoke Can Be Bolted to Sports Lighting Cross Arms or Other Structures. Optional Tenon Mount Adaptor Available. 
  • Wattage: 268w: Array: 268w, System: 294w (Up to 1000w HID Equivalent)
  • Driver: Electronic Driver, 120-277V, 50/60Hz or 347-480V, 50/60Hz; Less Than 20% THD and PF>0.90. Standard Internal Surge Protection 6kV. 0-10V Dimming Standard for a Dimming Range of 100% to 10%; Dimming Source Current is 150 Microamps.
  • Controls: Fixtures Ordered with Optional Factory-Installed 5-wire Cord with 1-10V Dimming Conductors are Internally Wired for Downstream Switching and/or 1-10V Dimming Within the Housing. Dimming Response is a Function of the Driver Capability, Consult Factory for Driver Specification for 1-10V Specific Characteristics. Fixtures are NOT Designed for Use with Line Voltage Dimmers.
  • Warranty: 5-Year Warranty for -40°C to +50°C Environment.

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