Lighting Questions and Tips

LED Bollard Lights Fixtures a Signpost for your Garden in Night

Posted by Last Stop Lighting on 13th Nov 2019

Anyone who has stuck on a hedge trimmer lying on the ground at least once in the dark and has pulled a leg will understand the need of Bollard Lights. This pain could have been avoided, but the ques … read more

Features and Benefits of LED Wall Packs

Posted by Last Stop Lighting on 25th Nov 2014

Increased light output provided by LED technology minimizes shadows to optimize illumination of more concealed or recessed areas.Schools, hotels, hospitals, and any public area frequented by many peop … read more

Wall Pack Lighting with Battery Backup

Posted by Last Stop Lighting on 2nd Mar 2014

Find a new section of outdoor wall pack lighting with emergency battery backup.  The emergency lighting must be arranged to provide initial illumination of not less than an average of one f … read more
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